We're on a mission to create social and economic impact through how we design your business
Let's get to it.

x Hello we are  Silver Lining Consultancy & Agency, based in New York City -but you can call us SLCo.  We think AND we do.

We like to think of ourselves as an antidote to the typical agency. We are a small team  made up of thinkers willing to challenge assumptions about how things have been done in the past.

This agency is founded on the idea, true empathy as a growth engine, data as a storytelling tool, and consumers as collaborators.

We know the kind of world we want to live in, the kind of change we want to see in the market place , and the teams and leaders we want to do that with.


[CO.laborating on on epic and challenging projects. ]

Less then 1%

“Less than 1% of all agencies are founded by women. Even less than that are founded and run by black women.

Nagela Dales
Founder, CEO +
Creative Pilot

SLCo & Agency was founded to close the gap between education equity and growth opportunities . For us equity means every founder receives what they need to develop to their full business and creative potential. In a market that moves at the speed of technology, founders need resources and skills to not only learn how to start, but to innovate, scale, compete, and cultivate mindsets comfortable with experimentation and failure.

What our clients friends have said.

Adon P.
I don't think I actually understood or appreciated customer research.Our whole team from marketing to sales have been able to optimize their workflows.
Jean Laurie
SLCO is the like the cool Swiss army knife you carry around in your pocket.They are able to be our creative and tactical support for serving our agency clients better.
The start up world could be intimidating and like a cool kids club, but SLCo helped us navigate learning curves that helped us with a successful first year.
Spur Jobs
The team understand what it means to build equitable business practices. They helped us tackle some of our process biases in our customer onboarding.
Kristie P
Google Digital
I have the whole picture now. They brought a wholeness to the missionand the strategy I didn't quite know how to connect with.
Leyre G.
Athena Cloud Services
Nothing ever felt inaccessible working with Nagela and the team.

We work by these beliefs :

  • Relatable Human Touch Points

    We don't believe in commodifying consumer relationships but in helping brands learn how to authentically, work and earn the attention, time and dollars of their consumers.
  • Empathy as a Winning Strategy

    We live by The Difference Model. Companies can’t build successful brands, nurture great ideas, or create difference without empathy.
  • Creative Confidence

    We believe in the good kind of fear. The kind of fear that comes from challenging yourself, stepping out into new things, the challenge  of creating and launching. Of starting and finishing -well.
  • A Multi-Generational Economoy

    We want to be part of creating a radically inclusive and multi-generational economy. That means we are working with, for a diverse group of founders and consumers across racial, age, socioeconomic, gender lines.