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Our Belief

Relatable Human touch-points

that empower consumers.

You can’t build successful businesses, sustain great ideas, or create difference without empathy.

We want to help you put the right consumer's at the heart of your business ,so you can make strategic decisions about product, service, marketing ,messaging and future development. The businesses that are willing to co-create value with their consumers are the ones who consistently grow and innovate.  
Make Research Your Superpower

Target Illumination

Consumers are more empowered and at the same time more wary of brands. We help you increase your empathy muscles while bringing clarity around your market, business and it’s relationship with your consumers.

More then Demographics


We are overhauling the concept of segmentation. Instead of dividing people by age, race, and gender, we want to create more nuanced user stories.

Unlock New Opportunities For Growth

Customer Journey

We'll help you map each distinct phase of the customer journey. Behavioral, technical and everything in between. Noting all relevant channels, actors and opportunities to turn brand acquaintances into new friends . We also help you tackle process bias - making sure to minimize inherent inequities.

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It's ok to feel hopeful about the things that you do not know yet.

Welcome to Square One

Inclusive Consumer Research
We harness the power of storytelling and data to surfaces questions, scrutinize  and highlight narratives used in the marketplace to sell to consumers of color  Then reconstruct more nuanced, positive , and affirming messages co-created with those same consumers.