We've done away with the MVP.

We are here to help you tackle the core challenge of every business – ideating, innovating and most importantly delivering compelling products and services your customers want to buy.

Why we want you to kill the MVP.

  • There's no plan to get you from from "mvp" to everyday operations and growth.
  • A rush to ship increasingly sacrifices purpose for speed
  • A lack of real connection to customers as you develop your idea. (A Google search is not an insight- friends)
  • Badly thought out experiences put customer relationships at risk
  • Designing of shiny features that rarely deliver what it is customers are trying to achieve
  • Lacks the refinement of what drives your company to greatness

killing the mvp
killing the mvp

Ship! Ship Ship!
Ship! Ship Ship!!
Ship! Ship Ship!!
Ship! Ship Ship!

A google search isn't a consumer insight.
Using the word disruptive is not a strategy .
A google search isn't a consumer insight.
Using the word disruptive is not a strategy.
Fall in love with problems
No More stress shipping.

kill the mvp
kill the mvp
kill the mvp

Move forward with
creative confidence
and radical


Currently, MVP' sprints focus on short term production. Introducing consumers to a product that is just short (and sometimes way short) of their expectation, and a launch that feels a little hollow.

...with the Minimal Lovable
Experience your
customer needs to
stick around.

Unlike our Business Design Services, the Minimal Lovable Experience is for those with the seed of an idea. Our job is to find the innovators, even the ones who haven’t yet realized they are, and equip them so that they can capture and deliver value earlier and more reliably to thier customer.

It combines the agility of a design sprint, the foundations of great business design with thoughtful development and testing.

Our programs combines an online hub , distance
coaching and workshops
with our experts to successfully engage .


With a combination of genuine understanding and research, we expand the understanding of the product/project.  Are we solving the right problem? What does the market have to say? We get committed and obsessive about the problem you are tackling before working on solutions .
  • MarketFit - An overview of potential competitors and alternatives , infograpgic
  • A persona that synthesizes the archetypal user
  • An overview of potential competitors and alternatives

Design Your Value Proposition

Design Your Value Proposition
We build on the previous discovery phase and begin to understand how to design a solution that meets a strong industry/consumer need. A few google searches won't yield the actionable insights you'll need to prioritize the right features, explore the reality of your customers and all the other pillars you need to create a lovable product.
  • A proposition value, key benefits for the final user and business
  • A presentation that identifies new customer insights and innovation opportunities
  • Prototype - Making browser ready prototypes to collect quick feedback

Validate & Test

Design Your Value Proposition
Perhaps the most intimidating part of any sprint - testing. Our testing phase is consumer-centric. Our job is to help you get up close and personal to your market. We'll be there every step of the way developing a testing strategy custom to you. We have invested in new frameworks, training and processes from; digital tagalongs to how we conduct to  remote interviews.
  • A topline summary and infographic of the key insights uncovered
  • 3 testable scenarios for consumers to try
  • Browser ready prototypes to collect quick feedback
  • An ongoing prompt and capture of findings and iteration builds. At the end , all feedback will be organized and archived

Designing Your Customer Journey

Design Your Value Proposition
After doing the work to understand your customer and validating your business idea, you’ll want to focus on what causes your customers to buy your products and why. In designing your purchase customer  journey specifically you'll receive :
  • A journey map documenting the stakeholder experience from beginning to end.
  • Understand  the “danger zones” on the user’s journey map
  • User stories featuring a  channel map, experiences, technical concepts on their purchase journey.
  • User experience benchmarks

Making Your Brand Story Strategic

Design Your Customer Journey
Find out what makes your business great and how to infuse that into your brand. Through out Brand Jam we'll help create a more defensible competitive position that organically teaches customers about your company and product's values.
  • You’ll get a complete super simple brand guide when creating a campaign, developing your website, or launching a new product.
  • Landing page -Selling proposition -Wording -Single conversion goal

What makes your business work?

We will deeply dive into developing and describing the infrastructure, offering, customers, and finances of your sustainable business model.
  • A pitch, an oral presentation and support materials, comprised of the following:
  • A proposed business model, budget and roadmap
  • Alignment of your resources, processes, and profit formula  to position your business for growth
  • Examine the broader environmental, political, and social landscape in which you operate,

Accelerators/Incubators vs MLE Sprint

We get a lot of questions as to what is the best for founders. We are BIG fans of accelerators, incubators. In fact our team has served as mentors to many.
You need ideas at the speed fo technology
You need DEEP insights into your customers and ready to get obsessed with the problem
Hell Yeah
You need more than a framework, you need help with technical concepts and specificity.
You need help building your brand strategy and story into every part of your business.
You need the one-on-one support that comes from working with a small team.
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