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With skills in over 4 different fields of design, I am the perfect person to hire when it comes to a full fledged project. Whatever your needs are, I can pretty much take on any challenge.

Product Design

Working at Facebook has taught me a lot about how to understand users, solve problems and build great products.

Visual Design

My experience at dribbble has helped me learn to develop the eye for design. Colors, typography, layout and the whole package.

Motion Design

I started my design journey with motion design in my college days. Motion is something that really fascinates me because of the flexibility of story telling.


Clicking pictures really brings out the creative in me. Phtography really makes you look and percieve things in a different way.

Strategy & Consulting

We work closely with clients through strategic consultation, workshops, and other à la carte services. Our wide range of services include consumer research, strategic audits, digital consultation, product roadmap development, on- site workshops, go-to-market strategies, online visibility strategies, usability testing, focus groups, and creative ideation sessions.
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Agile / Monthly

$19.99 per month
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Most Popular

Project Based

$29.99 per month
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The team blew our expectations out of the water. We would recommend them without hesitation.

Anabelle Harrington • Curtail

Our Belief

In making innovation

accessible and equitable.

Idea Trust

Idea Trust is the research arm of SLCo & Agency. It was created it to
ensure businesses correctly and authentically include consumers of
color in their overall narrative. As this conversation continues to expand
a substantial need for brand leadership, research and empathy have
We’re building our global crew of smart, insightful, connected individuals who help us get close to the texture of various markets and industries.  If you are a subject matter expert and interested in being a part of IDT - send me a note!

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COVID Resources

Our friends at Tech:NYC has put together an invaluable daily digest of the latest news related to COVID-19 and the technology industry.


Need advise on strategic decisions?  Ask anything you might be wondering in the startup world!


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Business Model Pivot
Value Prop Creation
Connected Product & Services

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Expression

Diversity & Design Thinking
Business Development

Content Strategy
Visual Direction
Customer Journey