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BigDypper is a self-guided 360 degree virtual tour experience where visitors to The Bahamas can explore local sites and attractions. Tourists download the app to their mobile device to self-navigate and customize their local tour experience. Created by a former Google Alum who wanted to focus on serving and bringing digital transformation to emerging market.

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Shifting from product mode to in market business.

Like so many developers she was confident in the product she could create but had a hard time transitioning from product development to market place deployment. The Big Dypper team partnered with us for our Creative Pilot program which focuses on taking already made products to the next level .

A good launch process combines product, user-oriented processes, technologies and behaviors without compromise, . To achieve this, we worked with them to develop Personas, a Customer Experience Map and Customer Journeys, an operating road map and more.

Breakthrough / 

User Stories

While shooting the 360 content and brand images for the app in Nassau , we conducted interviews with tourist, hotel guest, locals and business owners.How might users use the app before they hit Nassau. We re-evaluated the app's core use and compared it to the Customer Job of travelers and re-aligned the team on the feedback we received.


Persona Stories/ 

Priorities & Estimates

We used the most important feedback  from 5 testing cycles to create five prototypical personas. Each persona represents one level of brand engagement, which helped us ideate the most relevant products and services to make the app meet the customer job..

Main Features / 

Design, test,
and deliver what users want.

Over the next following months we worked with the Big Dypper team leading creative development and user testing for the Big Dypper 2.0. Keeping in line with the mission to create a Caribbean bound travel app with flair and creativity.

We know that a well executed business model canvas is one that tells a full picture story. While simultaneously developing and creating the new app features we connected each new feature to a new set of revenue stream, partners , and roadmap.

“Working with Nagela  opened us to a new business opportunities that breathed new life and possibilities into the project. . ”
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Founder, Ivy Landscaping

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