May 3, 2022

Direct-To-Consumer: 4 Crucial Lessons To Learn From Brands That Innovate

Not every single Direct to Consumer ( DTC) brand is worthy of both my fascination and ire. When I speak about my love-hate relationship with DTC brands, I'm mostly referring to the giants of the land. The Caspars, Quips, Glossiers, Brooklinens of the world. The power of the DTC brand is also what brings the hate part into the equation. It's a world where you wake up on your Caspar mattress covered in Brooklinen sheets. Each brand's offerings take on an identity and life of its own.

Often, it's selling a vision of the new urbanite that is slightly whitewashed and I say this as a woman firmly committed to her Quip subscription. However, conflicted feelings aside, my greedy strategy-nerd mind loves to understand the DTC landscape. I love dismantling the impeccable branding, cracking open the spines of their business models, and discover what makes them so innovative. So, when COVID-19 forced us all to live in a low touch world, who better to help us understand how to navigate the low touch economy than the brands who have mastered the digital consumer relationship.

Lesson 1: Innovate The Way You Create, Capture And Deliver Value

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