May 3, 2022

Get Unstuck From Start Using The Business Model Canvas

How do I start a business is the number one question I get from other people who are considering entrepreneurship—would-be founders with big ideas and big vision who can't seem to get past the beginning. But I believe what they are honestly asking is, what does it take to start and build a business? If you ask yourself these same questions, you need to begin by redefining "start."

  • Starting isn't the day you incorporate your business.
  • Starting isn't the domain you purchased in the middle of the night.
  • Starting isn't your first Instagram post.
  • Starting isn't even the first customer you receive.

It's all of these things and a hundred other things. To go from idea to implementation, you first need to redefine start. Many of us get stuck in the start phase by the way we think about "start."

Starting isn't a singular thing you do. It's a process and a journey.

Traditional planning processes and tools are built following a linear plan with clear goals and expected results, but starting a business isn't linear. The mindset behind the business model design and tools like the business model canvas considers the inherent messiness and non-linear process of starting. A tool like the business model canvas gives you the clarity, structure, and focus you need for the journey.

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