September 18, 2020

Our Summer Accelerator with Queens Defenders: Remote Learning Provides New Opportunities For Education Equity

This summer, SLCo will partner with The Queens Defenders Youth Mentoring Program to engage youth in a five-session workshop series focusing on entrepreneurship and developing small business ideas. We've created a workshops that will help participants move through the nine essential building blocks of creating a business model.

Queens Defenders Youth Mentoring launched in 2014 to give court-involved young people paid-work opportunities under the guidance of a full-time attorney or staff member acting as a mentor.

Here are a few lines from a letter written by one of the Queens Defenders team members to hopeful sponsors :

"This pandemic is hitting our youth hard, between the adjustment to remote school to being isolated from their friends. Being physically distant has not changed our commitment, and if anything it has deepened it knowing that our youth need us to remain strong.

Connecting with the youth during the pandemic takes a lot of creativity and our team is up for the challenge ...We are so excited for the youth to get to use their creative energy on a project like this! Not only will it teach real-life skills, but it will give them a chance to not only explore ideas they have been thinking about for a while, but also to think about them in new ways. "

A few weeks ago I asked the youth to send in some possible design challenges. I was both convicted and reminded that no matter what our day to day looks like or the age you are , or the resources given or not given to you - we are all dreamers with massive ideas and a desire to shape the world around us . Read through some of this ideas on their hearts. Some big and some just essential to their everyday lives and but every single one of them inspiring.

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