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Brand Audit
Brand Strategy
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Service Design

The Brief

Ivy is a sustainable landscaping company founded by a former architect. Recently relocated to the east coast following a new partnership opportunity. IVY came to us looking for a to help them enter this new market with a new look and story to tell this brand new market. We equipped the IVY team with the strategy, look and opportunities to face this transition with less fear and more clarity.

Brand Strategy

Changing perceptions with a new story and new brand identity.

Ivy’s original brand identity overly modern look which didn’t match their sense of humor (case in point they called their team the weed heads).
More challenging was the need to find their unique story in the midst of opposing views many consumers have on on landscaping services. Is it a strictly suburban concern conjuring images of Saturday mornings on a lawnmower or is it reserved for the urban elite with private terraces and backyards?

Navigating A New Market

We spent the next few weeks studying every single way plant life was intertwined into the lives of city residents. From secondary research to listing local farmers markets. To florist, and even observing the flower buying habits in places like whole foods, trader Joe, high and low end delis. We used A.I to build organized collections of plant based instagram post to build a fuller picture.
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We grounded IVY's brand strategy in changing the strict line of what a healthy green space looks like. The outdoors and indoors don't need to be in tension with one another. Cohabitation was the keyword we used as we fleshed out the relationship between plants and their owners.


Service Design

We understood we needed to create an ownable position in this new marketplace IVY was entering into. IVY needed a new entry level option to offer new customers. We designed a low stakes product MVP
with a big business impact.

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Using the research we used to build IVY's new brand strategy , we designed a prospective client survey perfect for the city resident, using language they understood.

We then used this data to launch a design sprint with the IVY team creating a new entry level product for potential customers. Instead of trying to offer a service package, we wanted to help city plant parents take care of their plants better dressing one of the biggest pain pints of being a plant parent.

We created a beta subscription box addressing plant concerns unique to city plant keepers.

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