The Challenge

The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is in so may ways the guiding example for educational equity in New York City. From it's Brooklyn flagship it holds various resource centers to free classes ranging from computer literacy for adults to urban anthropology . It is the antithesis of inclusivity serving everyone despite gender, social economic status age or education level.

Changing perceptions with a new story and new brand identity.

With empathy, closeness and understanding, we were able to define the right digital measures and action areas, which inspire fans outside of the stadium."

The BP partnered with us to help them develop a research-led thought leadership program that would help them to raise visibility and engagement for a new financial literacy program.

We audited all competing content and interviewed central library members and defined target audiences and internal stakeholders to hone in on the most top of the ming topics for the program to cover, as well as identify common pitfalls which they could help avoid low repeat turn out.

We created a proposed syllabus for the Take Charge series – several ‘hero’ reports for BPL, which were used by the marketing to create ‘bitesize’ promotional assets including stories and infographics.